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How to find free winter coats for kids

Starshine started this conversation

See the above to learn how....

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hi i am praying that some one can help me with a coat for a teenage boy 15 yrs of age in desperate need of clothing shoes and a coat please if you can help he is a xL in shirts and a 30-36 in jeans a size 8 in shoes coat size 1x again please if any one can help please contact me at my email
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 in response to bluediamond...   

Hello bluediamond

I am sorry you lost your job.

Right above your post is a article how to find free coats for the children and you can check your local and free section as well as where you can make three wishes for coats, boots and other things your children may need.

The links for the above are in this Christmas Information section here.

What city and state do you live in? Do you need food banks or government assistance?

Wishing you the best


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I do my emailing here on the site so if you would like help see the site for it and I don't meet anyone from here either...

You can try

For the coats

Good luck to you as I know it is getting cold


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 in response to bluediamond...   Hello
Right off hand no but what is your city and state you are in??
And do check with the school they attend to see if they know of any programs that one may have...

Best to you
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if you know of anyone that is giving away some winter coats for kids ages thirteen sixteen seventeen year old could you email me at so we could meet up some were or i come to you to receive it i would give phone number but i cant afford one and i also cant afford my kids any coats this winter because i lost my full-time job and know im only working a part time job know and there not providing any full-time positions and right know im struggling to keep my bills paid so if any kind of way if any one could help please do so ill be checking my email everday for any respone thank you

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